This is a running list of blog post links, with the most recent post first.

December 2022

Preface to “Mele Kalikimaka, Ginger Croom”

Guild Videos on YouTube

My Patreon – Previews and Exclusive Content

November 2022

Sharing Promotional Graphics

The TimeWarp Solstice Story

The Turncoat Familiars

September 2022

There’s Elves, and Then… There’s Elves!

Numbers Game

August 2022

Disasterina and Sleazy Manzini: Tomma’s Real Life Drag Parents

My First Book Reviews

The Paperback Copied Arrived

Updated: Reading The Dire Deeds at Eugene’s Pagan Pride

June 2022

August 1 & August 12: Dire Deeds Publication Dates

These Books Are Dedicated to the Ones I Love

Showing Off the Book Covers

The Mysterious Book of Moons

May 2022

Magical Mentoring in The Guild

The Guild’s Most Romantic Pairings

Faces of Tomma

Life in Hermitville

Life Among the Punatics

The Cosmic Soccer Mom – Mal-i-bu Bar-Bee

The Incredible Unstrung Band

[Between July 2020 and May 2022, I was finishing up the third book, starting the fourth book, and relocating.]

July 2020

Rune Illustrations by Paul F.S. Bauer

July 2020 Progress

June 2020

From “A” to “Ze” – A Coming Out Post

February 2019

QQ Excerpt: More Lucky LaFey

November 2018

Transphobia Not Tolerated at PantheaCon

September 2018

QQ Excerpt: Lucky LaFey Character Sketch

July 2018

Mourning Ahalanui Warm Pond

June 2018

You Need a Scorecard to Keep Track

May 2018

Disaster Prep in “Hermitville,” Puna District

April 2018

“Dire Deeds” Story Set in the Restored Hawaiian Kingdom

Oyster Olson – Humble Bluesman Turns Wizard

Why a Tale of “Mid-Life Magic?”

January 2018

“Hermitville in Hawai’i” – A Subtext of Spiritual Settler/Colonialism in Occupied Lands

Intersex Characters in Hermitville

December 2017

Western Magic Influences

Edith Sitwell and Tom ‘o Bedlam