• Tomma Bedlam (Swift), 45, performance artist, ‘zine publisher, Barbie collector. Gender fluid: ze, zir.
• Babe Bump, 49, neo-burlesque performer, costume designer, and bookkeeper. Most frequent first person narrator. Intersex woman (PAIS): she, her.
• Ginger Croom, 72, founder and owner of Hermitville. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Sidley Croom, 65, Ginger’s brother and presumed heir. Cisgender man: he him.
• “Massive” Max Gordon, 68, musician. Cisgender man: he, him.
• Joe Hillstrom, 40, Sidley’s former love and personal trainer, photographer. Cisgender man: he, him.
• Jennifer Juniper, 40, musician. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Oyster Olson (Lemelin), 45, musician. Transgender man: he, him.
• Aarrf Perry, 50, Hermitville security, human puppy. Gender multiple: they, them.
• Sybil Perry, 58, musician. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Rozaline Rae (McRae), 58, musician. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• “Mini” Maxine Richmond (Guelph), 65, musician. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Glysandra ShaktiOm (Phylaxia), 51, tantra teacher, artist. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Frank Talk (Durfee), 43, musician. Intersex man: he, him.


• Professor Osbert Almond, elf, senior researcher in human studies.
• Maud o’ Bedlam, elf, senior mage, wife to Parsifal, mother of The Wee One.
• Parsifal Berry Blue, elf, senior mage, multi-dimensional operative, husband to Maud, father of The Wee One. Obsessed with clowns.
• Tom Crumpet, faery, hunter.
• Hamfast, elf, shape-shifter and multi-dimentsional operative.
• Indigo, Faery of the Seelie Court.
• Jack o’ My Lad, faery.
• George Potts, elf, human studies researcher. Married to Archie.
• Sally ‘Round the Roses, elf, hunter.
• Gingevus Sitwell, elf, Captain of the Hunters.
• Septimus Sitwell, elf, human artifacts smuggler, hunter.
• Archie Smegley, elf, human studies researcher. Married to George Potts.
• Sulferous Pete, hunter and liaison to local volcanic powers.
• The Wee One (aka T.W.O., aka Breadcrumb), elf, clown, multi-dimensional operative, commander of “Operation Peachblow.”
• Who’s There, elf, shape-shifter and multi-dimensional operative. Volunteers with human film crew.
• Shane, elf, expert on Fomorians. Babe’s ex boyfriend.
• Wubbies, three magic peach pits.


• Elsewherians and Fomorians, interdimensional adversaries.
• Stanford Lawsome, 32, Anna’s assistant. Cisgender man: he, him.
• The Lawyer®, 37, lawyer for Anna. An Elsewherian. Gender neutral: ze, zir.
• Sri Nimit Nimrod, unpleasant troublemaker posing as spiritual guru. Cisgender man: he, him.
• Anna Phylaxia, 45, “Martha Stewart of BDSM.” Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Vesta (aka “Secret Salamander’), ageless, deathless, immortal. Supernatural being, female.


Keikiokalani, almost 1. Namaka’s youngest child. Kapu (sacred) child. Gender unknown.
Namaka, 32, mother of Kia’i and the kapu child. Cisgender woman: she, her.
Kia’i, 10, Namaka’s oldest son. Cisgender boy: he, him.
Uncle Iolana, 79, an elder. Cisgender man: he, him.


• Eddie Sedgwick, twenty-something, film crew. Transgender man: he, him.
• Jason, thirty-something, film crew. Cisgender man: he, him.
• Miranda Jackson, 58, leader of film crew, Tomma’s former lover. Cisgender woman: she, her.
• Shank Stoma, thirty-something, film crew. Cisgender woman: she, her, but okay with ze, zir.
• Toledo Jackson, forty-something, Punatic, sells goats. Miranda’s brother. Cisgender man: he, him.

Plus, various supernatural Powers are referenced in the narrative.