“Proto-Elsewherian” Pests in The Perilous Past

The creature above is almost exactly what I think of when I envision the “Turncoat Familiars” who prove so dangerous to their hosts in the fourth book. The only difference (for me) is the tail. I don’t think of my Proto-Elsewherians as having one.

These creatures attach themselves to people who are porous–sick, troubled, or toxic–and they were sometimes visible to children and other sensitive people. During the 16th and 17th centuries, anyone who had a Turncoat Familiar hanging about them was in great danger of being accused of witchcraft, especially by a child who might have glimpsed one.

These Proto-Elsewherians were supposed to have become extinct, but in The Perilous Past, the Hermits and Elves are surprised to find evidence of an infestation!

The modern “Corptoid” ElsewheriaN

In The Dire Deeds, the first book, we meet a modern Elsewherian, one who has “evolved” into the “Corptoid” version we know and loathe today. Corptoids are–as you might imagine–quite corporate in appearance and they have successfully infiltrated modern economic and political structures. This has not been great for humanity.

And what is relationship between Corptoid Elsewherians and the dread “Cosmic Soccer Mom,” Mal-i-Bu Bar-Bee? Learn more in The Dire Deeds!

Elsewherian Devotee and Mal-i-Bu Bar-Bee.