Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy “Shorts”

Here’s where you’ll find links to my short stories featuring Guild of Ornamental Hermits characters. The first two are published this month (Dec. 2022) on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Here are the links:

A Guild of Ornamental Hermits Solstice

“Mele Kalikimaka, Ginger Croom” (published 12/10)

A Guild of Ornamental Hermits Solstice

It’s the Winter Solstice and all through the solar system catastrophic energy is beaming from the sun straight toward Earth. Which might put the kibosh on the wild celebration of the season the Hermits, Elves, and assorted lovers have in mind.

Can they, with the aid of the unpredictable trickster known as Lucky LaFey, muster their most powerful magicks and lavish rituals to transmute the deadly energy? And what part will the Time Warp shaped like a wine tasting room play? Read this dazzling short story for yourself and discover what love, luck, magic, fate, and the Solstice have in store for The Guild of Ornamental Hermits – and indeed all of Earth.

“Mele Kalikimaka, Ginger Croom”

California winery heiress, Ginger Croom, and the Elven academic, Professor Almond, have a long, complex, and tempestuous history. In “Mele Kalikimaka, Ginger Croom!” Ginger and the Professor meet in a Hilo hotel for the first time in many years. Ginger is in her 60’s now, and worries that her preternatural (and practically ageless) lover will not desire her. This story also contains Oyster Olson’s arrival at Hermitville Farm and Arts Collective in Pahoa, Hawai’i, as the “Hermits” prepare for a Solstice bash. (“Mele Kalikimaka” means “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian.)