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Wethrini Invade Hawai’i! Time to Get Serious!

Powerful other-dimensional Wethrini warriors are poised to invade Hawai’i Island!

Half-Elf Oyster Olson, and the all-too-human Babe Bump, Tomma Bedlam, and the other nine “Hermits of Hermitville,” are new to the magical arts, barely conversant with simplest spells and scrying.

Their new Elven mentors make an executive decision: “Time for a crash course in Elf magic!”

So the Hermits are whisked away to a “time warp” replica of a California winery tasting room for intensive instruction designed to prepare them for the conflicts to come.

Meanwhile a local doomsday cult plans a ritual rave to summon a dreaded cosmic goddess from beyond the Mortal Coil.

Then the Hermits, newly initiated into Elven mysteries and spellcraft, return to Hermitville for a battle of magical mind games with the dreaded Wethrini, just as the doomsday cult’s ritual approaches its height, and a massive tropical storm crashes into the Hawaiian islands.

Some live, some die, minds are blown, true love blossoms – and Oyster enchants his harmonica.

But, Hermitville, and all of Hawai’i, will never be the same.

A. R. Marsh (far right) chasing after zir characters!