the Epic Fantasy Continues In The Witching WorK!

The Dire Deeds, first in the series, is published by Strange Particle Press. Order the paperback or eBook here. Follow me on my Amazon Author Page.

The Witching Work, second in the series, was published March 15, 2023 as a Kindle eBook. Paperback edition is now available as of April 6, 2023. Get it here.

The Dire Deeds & The Witching Work: The FIRST TWO BOOKS in the series

Excerpts from three Amazon reviews.

The Dire Deeds, the first book in the Guild of Ornamental Hermits series, begins a rollicking, sprawling epic serving magic realness and urban fantasy in a quirky tale of queer mid-life magic, set in the lush jungles of rural Hawai’i. It’s a literary “thirst trap” of perilous quests, paranormal romances, outrageous predicaments, and endearing, whimsical characters worthy of your undying admiration and fan fiction.

Oyster Olson—a shy, private, transgender blues musician living peacefully in an intentional community on Hawai’i Island—always knew he was different. But only the magical Book of Moons, thrust upon him by the community’s founder shortly before her death, can reveal just how different he is! And who his real parents are!

Oyster, burdened by this secret, soon shares the book with his unrequited crush, burlesque artiste Babe Bump (she/her), and their best friend, drag performer Tomma Bedlam (ze/zir). The three of them grow closer (and closer!) as they explore the book’s ever-changing number of pages and learn of its origin as the grimoire of ancient English mystery school, The Guild of Ornamental Hermits.

The Book of Moons brings love, death, Elves, unsuspected family ties, and cosmic cracks in Time/Space, just as a greedy real-estate developer schemes to convert funky Hermitville into a posh eco-resort. Even worse, relentless interdimensional foes, pouring through cosmic cracks, target Hermitville and all life in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Even with ten dedicated Elven mentors and a crash course in Elven magic, will Oyster, Babe, Tomma, and the other residents of Hermitville be able to transform themselves in time from mere misfits and musicians into magicians powerful enough to join the Elves in halting the impending chaos and destruction? Or will they all go down in defeat and the world with them, humans and elves alike?

The Dire Deeds and The Witching Work take place in the Hermitville Arts and Farm Collective, an intentional community located in the volcanic Puna District of Hawai’i Island, set in a time when the Hawaiian Kingdom has reclaimed its sovereignty and is re-establishing its government. 

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The Third and Fourth Book

The third book, The Queerest Quest of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, is with the publisher, Strange Particle Press, an imprint of Digital Parchment Services, and available through Amazon,, and elsewhere. The Hermits have been forced to flee Hawai’i and take refuge in Lake County, CA. A “handsome drifter” known as Lucky LaFey appears on the front porch of the late Ginger Croom’s lake house, and the Hermits are soon embroiled in his quest to bring down yet another supernatural bad guy (another Wethrini), masquerading as a local cult leader. 

The fourth book, The Perilous Past of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, is set in a new Hermitville just outside of Eugene, Oregon. This book weaves together the origin story of the original Guild as a response to 16th and 17th century witch persecutions in England; the backstory of the romance between Professor Almond and Ginger Croom; and the trials and tribulations of our Hermits and Elves as they struggle with sponteneous “Time Snatches,” unwanted rock and roll fame, federal agents in search of the dreaded Wethrini mind-control device known as the Guru Gizmo™, and much more.

The Perilous Past is 2/3 through its first draft.

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