Listen to a reading of Chapter One of The Dire Deeds of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits by Amy Marsh. And big news, the books now have a publisher! More on that soon!

Novels of “mid-life magic” – by Amy R. Marsh

The Guild of Ornamental Hermits fantasy novels are “tales of mid-life magic.” All the main human characters are ages 45 or over and the onset of their magical  transformation mingles with menopause and mid-life crises. Almost all of the characters are queer and/or gender diverse, including the Elves (see 29 Elf Genders). But the hottest romance in the books? That’s between Babe Bump and Oyster Olson (and Tomma makes three…).

The first two books, The Dire Deeds of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits and The Witching Work of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, take place in Hermitville, an intentional community located in the volcanic Puna District of Hawai’i Island. 

1.Dire_Francesco_del_Cossa_010 FinishedWhen winery heiress Ginger Croom dies, Hermitville is threatened by a heinous real estate scheme, as well as an assortment of supernatural baddies including a giant salamander and a cosmic goddess known as Mal-i-bu Bar-bee.

Loosely inspired by the Borderlands/Bordertown books of authors such as Emma Bull and Terri Windling, the first two books clash cultures and dimensions in a lush jungle landscape peopled by local families, mainland retirees, and recent arrivals known as “Punatics” (aging hippies, crust punks, surfers, tantrikas, and other counter-culture ex-pats). The Elves fit right in.

The third book, The Queerest Quest of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, is in second-draft revision now. It is set in Lake County, CA. A fourth book, The Perilous Past of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, is planned.

Please check out blog posts for more information on the characters, plotting, and other backstory writing details! Learn more about the characters, politics, and magical elements of this book. There are also more chapter excerpts in some of the blog posts.

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