The Incredible Unstrung Band, Deep Pahoa Jungle Concert. L to R: Roz, Sybil, Jennifer, Maximus, Maxine, Oyster, & Frank. Depicted via

Hermitville has its own community band, The Incredible Unstrung Band. The band usually consists of eight multi-instrumentalists, though sometimes additional musicians or dancers perform with them. The band’s playlist is eclectic, consisting of both original songs and covers from a variety of musical genres: blues, neo-vaudeville, classic rock, 1960’s pop, punk, psychedelia, world music, and more. The songs covered may be less well-known, such as Circus Contraption’s Wicked Fascinations and Susheela Raman’s Love Trap (both played during the Teatro Occulto performance at Hermitville, Pahoa), or they may be slightly silly, such as The Monkee’s Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow (re-interpreted as an early polyamory angst song), with Tomma Bedlam as a new lead singer for the band during their first Eugene, Oregon gig.

Tomma,as ze was time-snatched from zir gig in Eugene, OR and transported back to the Bump manor’s library in 17th century England, in The Perilous Past of The Guild of Ornamental Hermits (4th book). Depicted via
The band rehearsing in Lake County, CA, before Tomma joined the band in Oregon.
The Incredible Unstrung Band rehearsing with Tomma and without Frank, who has moved back to Hawai’i.