Lucky LaFey is a major protagonist in The Queerest Quest of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, the third book in the series. Spoiler alert: Lucky is really the Norse god Loki Laufeyjarson. His search for his missing son, Váli–changed into a wolf by the Aesir in order to attack and kill Váli’s younger brother, Narfi–drives much of the plot of this third book in the Guild of Ornamental Hermits series. Lucky also grapples with other parental quandries in this book, some involving his “witch daughters” (seventeen of ’em) and yet another long-lost child. And his love life is complicated, as always!

This wonderful painting of Norse Loki, by Casey Triere, perfectly captures my mental image of “Lucky LaFey.” I have permission from the artist to post this work here.

I’ve had a very definite image of Lucky while writing this book, and I was stunned when I saw this painting (posted in a Lokean Facebook group). It perfectly captures my internal visualization of this character–except Lucky LaFey has long hair. (Here, I imagine it being in a ponytail.)

The artist, Casey Triere, has generously given me permission to post this painting on my website, so here it is, and Casey’s bio and Tumblr and Instagram links are below.

Thank you so much, Casey, for this wonderful portrayal of Loki! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Casey Triere is “a voice actor and illustrator with a love of history and mythology.” Casey also “never outgrew my, ‘Mom, I want to be a vampire’ phase from junior high.”

You can find Casey’s Tumblr here with more artwork:

And Casey’s Instagram here includes her hilarious “Norse Of Course” Loki instructional videos in the “reels” section.

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