My First Book Reviews

I’m thrilled to have my first two Amazon reviews for The Dire Deeds, both are five stars.

And yesterday a friend wrote to me privately:

“However, it’s all I can do to not sit down with my morning pot of tea and finish the book. I’m around pg. 154 and you, my dear, have written a page-turner with so much humor and wit and interesting characters, ideas, love and compassion, intelligence and endless imagination that I’m out of words.”

Aug. 30 Update: A third review.

My first paperback copies.


August 1st & Aug. 12th – Dire Deeds Publication Dates!

Publication due August 1st!

August 1st was the publication date of the ebook version of The Dire Deeds, the first book in my queer, urban fantasy series. August 12th was when the paperback edition became available.

As of June 27, readers were able to pre-order the ebook (Kindle, etc.) through Amazon.

The second book, The Witching Work, and third book, The Queerest Quest, should follow fairly quickly, hopefully out in the fall.

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