Let’s build a vibrant fan and writer community, so that we are no longer “hermits” working and dreaming in solitude! By joining The Guild of Ornamental Hermits, via Patreon, you’ll receive a range of goodies, depending on your membership category. All membership categories include PDF copies of your Charter Memberhip certificate and the “Creed” (see below). Goodies may include: the Guild Gazette (6 times a year), exclusive character and plot content, monthly Q&A’s, a monthly Hermits Moot on Zoom and other fun events, with opportunities to mingle with like-minded souls. And yes there may be a bit of merch included in your membership tier…

You can pre-order the ebook edition of The Dire Deeds here. Publication for eBook is August 1, 2022. Paperback and hardback editions are also in progress.

Guild of Ornamental Hermits Membership Tiers

Your Lifetime Charter Membership Certificate, PDF Format. For all members.
Statement of the Guild Creed, PDF Format. For all members.

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