Chapter Two
Babe: Up to Speed

As usual, Lucky LaFey was the first one up in the morning and the first to help himself to donuts from “the box of perpetual indulgence.” I was often the next person up and and I enjoyed our morning tête-à-têtes (though I’d gotten bored with the donuts, frankly).
“I’m going to invent some new flavors,” he announced thickly, still chewing his last bite.
Though he’s one of my future in-laws, and a very handsome fellow, I was still somewhat repelled by his table manners. “For heaven’s sake, chew first then talk!” I grumbled.
“Mmmph. Sorry,” he gulped.
Lucky always heats the water for me when he hears me on the stairs. I made tea and sat down, “So, tell me about the new flavors.”
“Well, you know how humans like all these weird kinds of coffee drinks now?” He said eagerly.
I nodded, “But that’s kind of old news, Lucky…” Was I really ready for this? I wasn’t awake yet.
“Well, like that! Donuts that taste like pumpkin spice cappucino latte and strawberry caramel with sea salt!”
“Is that all?”
Lucky mistook my delicate irony for enthusiasm, “Of course not! There’s chocolate strawberry caramel with sea salt and basil! Here, try one!” He plucked a freshly materialized donut from the box. How could I say no?
I nibbled, “Mmmm. Ambrosial.” I put the donut on the side of my saucer. I tried to not look at it.
“Aren’t you going to eat the rest?”
“Lucky, I need some protein before my sugar intake. You know that.” He didn’t know it, but now that he knew he was supposed to know something, he’d pretend that he did. There’s nothing like tricking a trickster! I repressed the urge to smile.
He sweetly materialized a hardboiled egg, “Here, Babe. For your very own.”
I took a bite then nearly spit it out, “What in Tulkas’ name is this?!”
Lucky smiled sweetly, “Why, a new flavor egg of course! Pumpkin spice and strawberry tumeric cappucino. Finish it so you can get back to the donut!” His sweet smile turned into a wicked grin. I hadn’t tricked him after all.