Johann_Landner_LithoHere is a list of Ornamental Hermit blog post titles in reverse chronological order. Updated frequently.

NaNoWriMo 2019 (Witching Work)

More Lucky LaFey (Witching Work)

#NaNoWinner2018 (Witching Work)

Over 40,000 Words Since Nov. 1 (Witching Work)

Transphobia Not Tolerated at PantheaCon

You Need a Scorecard to Keep Track…

Elf and Human Magical Intersectionality

And Breadcrumb Makes Three…Elf Character Spotlight

Disaster Prep in “Hermitville,” Puna District

Movie Casting Fantasies

“Dire Deeds” Story Set in The Restored Hawaiian Kingdom

Oyster Olson – Humble Bluesman Turns Wizard

Why a Tale of “Mid-Life Magic?”