Illustration by A.R. Marsh, rendered via

I recently revised the names and some of the features of the genders of the Elven “Realm.” The genders are based on elements (with names suggested by Tolkien Elf deities and words, source: Silmarillion), shapeshifting and gendershifting capacities, transitions from one gender to another, forms of reproduction, and other factors. In The Realm, Elf gender is determined through complex arrangements of stars, elements, seasons, and other natural and supernatural factors at birth.

Prior to this revision, the gender names were based on the Celtic tradition of faery cities, but it seemed best to go with the influences of a fictional, literary tradition–in this case, Tolkien.

Here is the current list of Elves, with names in Quenya (Tolkien language) and their meanings.

  • Nar (Artanáro Alma – Noble Fire Flower)
  • Professor Osbert Almond (Laurina Eälótë – Golden Sea Flower)
  • Maud o’ Bedlam (Elemmírë Ohtar – Star-jewel Warrior)
  • Parsifal Berry Blue (Lúnë Pië – Blue Berry)
  • Breadcrumb (Titta Massánië – Little Breadgiver)
  • Hamfast (Nectë Morco – Honey Bear)
  • Nen (Fantur Nen – Cloud Lord River)
  • Gingevus Sitwell (Lindë Sorno – Sky Singing Eagle)
  • Septimus Sitwell (Irmo Arwë – Long for Treasure)
  • Who’s There (Yéva Sanomë – Who Will Be There)

And here are the 29 Genders of the Eldar: