Fantur Nen, often called “Nen” in the book, and Artanaro Alma, often called “Nar,” are two Elves who are Human Studies academics. They work closely with Professor Almond, who chairs their department, but have spent most of their Mortal Coil time in Asia.

These two Elves have long been “fantasy cast” in my mind with the two lead actors from The Untamed. I can’t help it–I’ve been seeing them as these particular Elves in my writer’s mind for quite a long time now.

And the Elf Vibes are strong with this one. BelowO is Xiao Zhan in a movie I haven’t seen, rocking the best pointed Elf ear jewelry ever!

Photo source unknown.

In my novels, Nar and Nen are close. They live and work together both in The Realm and in The Mortal Coil. As a kind of homage to Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, Nar and Nen also have careers in the human world as singers and dancers (though in separate bands). They enjoy these careers as contrast and balance to their drier academic work.

Nar and Nen’s home in The Realm is inspired by human cultures in Asia.

It’s a kind of secret–and perhaps elusive–joy to be able to imagine (1) my books as movies or series, and (2) the people who’d comprise my “dream cast.”