A Reader’s Guide to the Guild of Ornamental Hermits

Coming soon! A twice-annual magazine devoted to the Guild of Ornamental Hermits fantasy novels.

Readers will be able to find character bios, submit cosplay photos of themselves as characters, publish fan art, and more!

The first issue will be available on MagCloud.com. in February, 2021. Deadline for submissions, Jan. 15th.

Cosplay and Fan Art Challenges for the first book, The Dire Deeds of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits:

Elf – You’re an Elf named Breadcrumb and you really like clowns. Your toes sound like bells.

Hermit – How would you look and dress if you lived on a post-hippie, post-punk “farm and arts collective” in the jungles of Hawai’i, and you were just getting involved with magic for the first time?

Elf – How do you look and what do you wear when you don’t have to take on a human-like appearance? (Elves in the Realm are multi-gendered and very colorful).

Supernatural Villains – How would you look and dress if you were an Corporate Elsewherian or an uncouth Wethrini?

Cosmic Goddess Mal-I-Bu Bar-Bee – The cosmic soccer mom with massive power to rend the cosmos with just the tip of her well-manicured fingernail. What does she look like and wear?

Fan Art Challenge – How would you imagine the two Elves, Artanáro Alma (“Nar”) and Fantur Nen (“Nen”) if they were played by Xiao Zhan (as Fantur Nen) and Wang Yibo (as Artanáro Alma) in a movie of The Dire Deeds of the Ornamental Hermits? Hint: Nar and Nen are “Human Studies” experts who have done a lot of field work in Asia over the millennia.

Fan Art Challenge – Tomma Bedlam is an outrageous, redheaded, gender non-binary person who lives in Hermitville. Ze is a performer, a collector of Barbie Dolls, and is a big fan of Tulkas the Laughing Warrior, an Elven deity from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion. How does Tomma look and dress on the farm? Hint: Tomma is really good with a machete.

If you would like to submit a cosplay photo or fan art, please email feypride@yahoo.com for instructions.

All contributors will get a free PDF copy of the magazine.

An Elf. Painter attribution to follow.